it seems to me

you did not understand the name from when accessing these domains, your server blocks traffic from my IP or from a proxy, it opens everything

You should review the audit logs to determine why it was blocked.

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how to do it?

This part, combined with:

Would more indicate that a restrictive outbound firewall is applied on the machine receiving that “Failed to connect”, or that the ISP of that machine is blocking the traffic.

That’s why I’m asking for the traceroute from the machine that provides the curl output (apparently, so that we could look in to that.

If the blocking was made by any of the Cloudflare tools, you would normally see a Cloudflare branded error page, and not the “Failed to connect” response that you provide.

how to do this with remember putty ?

Cloudflare Ray ID: 7cc06fbbb9f13332 • Your IP: Click to reveal •

it takes a long time to ship and we get to your website where the inscription




now the proxy has already been banned, but you have something with the service, I put a proxy in the morning, it worked, but it’s already in your block

To troubleshoot the “Failed to connect” one, I would:

Run dig/nslookup/host commands to get the list of IP addresses for the domain in question, e.g.:

$ dig +short AAAA payou.pro; dig +short A payou.pro

then for each of the four IP addresses here, you just run traceroute one by one, e.g.:

$ traceroute 2606:4700:3031::6815:64f
traceroute to 2606:4700:3031::6815:64f (2606:4700:3031::6815:64f), 30 hops max, 80 byte packets

If the tracerouet for each individual IP is stopping to respond at some place within your own ISP, it is likely your own ISP that is blocking the traffic to e.g. Cloudflare (or wherever your A/AAAA records points to).

However, if you’re actually seeing a Cloudflare error page, with a Ray ID like that, then it could be the Cloudflare tools (for example the domain’s security settings) you need to look at.

For that, you would need to check the Firewall Events (which I believe cscharff accidentally called “audit logs” above).

Firewall Events can be seen here:


At this page, you can add a filter to search for the Ray ID, e.g. 7cc06fbbb9f13332 in your example above, and it will show you some information about why that specific request was blocked.

I really need your help as a support to write so you have become with today and again even the proxy you have is blocked

I connected the proxy today, it worked, but right now she also got into the ban, your system does not work, throws all IP into the ban

yesterday at the same time, the problem started and today, too, at the same time, the problem is not in my rips, the problem is in cloudflare, he will throw our ipi into the chorni list in his database and from where to request do not go constantly at the same time for 2 days so

Go to this page:



^ Click “Add filter”


^ Add IP filter like that.


^ OR, add Ray ID filter like that.

And it should show you why that specific IP address (and/or Ray ID) was blocked.

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No firewall events found matching your filters there are no kolega logs, the problem is not with me kolega in your server, he blacks my IP at the same time and does not go to other sites from my IP addresses. the sutra worked with the proxy and now it has just stopped working

cloudflare just throws the list into the chorny, found the epi and no longer allows anyone to turn from this ip to any site that also works through cloudflare

it feels like cloudflare is blocking our IP all the time in the machine and throws it in its database, can you solve the problem?

maybe you have Russian proxy banyats in the machine?

:expressionless: Your origin is seen as malicious by the operator and blocked based on whatever criteria the website decides. Cloudflare, with the exception of court orders does not block access to content by country. The incredibly masculine, bear wrestling leader of the (totally not the aggressor in Ukraine) country you live in may have decided to block your website… in which case, you should absolutely contact him, from a ground floor location (lest you fall out a window accidentally).

If you own a domain on Cloudflare and your firewall does not show a block, its not a Cloudflare issue,. You referenced a Ray ID, either you have access to that account and can provide the details or the hostnames delegated to a provider which can provide the details. Absent details from Cloudflare in /your/ dashboard as to the reason the request was blocked, not one can speculate.


how can you protect your domain so that Roskomnadzor does not see what works through you ?