72+ hours, New Records Not Updated


This time last week we updated MX records on four of our domains. The MX records were set to lower priorities in order to allow email traffic to flow normally while waiting for DNS to propagate. It has now been roughly a week without the records updating, and no response to our ticket put in with Cloudflare on the issue.

This does not seem normal at all for DNS to take this long to update a few records.

Can you share the domain?

Sure, and I also need to make an edit. Three domains, not Four. I waited on the fourth when I saw the first three were not updating.

These 3 all point to Outlook for email, the SPF and MX do. Is this not correct?

If not, can you post a screenshot of your DNS records in Cloudflare (redact IPs) on 1 of those 3 domains?

That’s the problem. You see one MX record. There are three that have been put in. Because it is in regards to our email security system that is being implemented, i can’t post details on the records.

These are for Twistedx.com

Thanks for the screenshot.

There is only one MX record for the root domain there (the bottom one on your screenshot).

This appears as:

IN 0 twistedx-com.mail.protection.outlook.com. 300

I would only expect to see one there for the root domain as the other two are for barracudanetworks.com.twistedx.com. If I do a lookup on that subdomain, I see the other 2 records:

You will only see the one MX record for the root domain if those 3 MX records shown in the screenshot are the only 3.

I need those records to be in the root domain though, or else it won’t verify with Barracuda. The reason they are there is so that barracuda can authenticate ownership of the domain and finish configuration. If they are in a subdomain, then it is not able to authenticate. They need to be at the same level as the other MX record.

Just change the name field to twistedx.com then and you should be fine :slightly_smiling_face:

That did it.

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Yes. I now see the Barracuda MX records under the root domain.

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