7 Domains - Multi-Tenant Setup

Hi all,

We have 7 websites all with different domain names e.g


etc etc etc

These websites are hosted on a multi-tenant infrastructure i.e one application serving different domains, think of it as a whitelabeled solution.

Rather than create 7 different accounts and manage the config for each, we want just one account to manage the config and possibly just CNAME the Domains over. This way, it’s easier to manage the setup going forwards.

Is this possible with Cloudflare or do we really need one account for each domain?

You can use one Cloudflare account, but you’ll need to add each domain separately.

If these are customer accounts you should probably talk to Cloudflare about becoming a partner as they have integration options that might make your life easier to do this at scale.

But no, you can’t just CNAME some random hostname to a domain served by Cloudflare.

Thanks Dave. We want to avoid setting up and managing the config 7 times :frowning:

Every change we make to a config in the future has to be done 6 more times :frowning:

Surely there must be an easier way to do this?

It depends on the particulars of the changeS you expect. Cloudflare’s API, even if just called from curl on the command line to loop through each site, could save you a lot of time.

Or we need Custom Hostnames feature for Enterprise

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