7 days SSL - Delays Authorizing Certificate


Hi there

I hope everything is OK with you guys
Since i re activated “Cloudflare” in my site (https://www.tierrapost.net/) 7 days ago, in my “Cloudflare” dash (https://www.cloudflare.com/a/crypto/tierrapost.net) still showing this “Authorizing Certificate” message…
The green padlock is already showing in my site
Would you please help with that?

Best for all…

Aroldo Bispo


Sounds like a glitch in the dashboard here. You can open a Support ticket, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support


Thank you for your suggestion…
I just open one ticket “Request #1456063” and i know it will be resolved! :slight_smile:


Aroldo Bispo


Looks like there is just some additional verification you need to complete. Should be easy. Look for the reply and instructions on your ticket.


Thank you Ryan

I just completed the verification

Best for all…

Aroldo Bispo


Hi Ryan


Since yesterday (24 hrs +), i did follow all the “additional verification instructions” but the message “Authorizing Certificate” still remain the same.

Do i need just to wait?

Thank you in advance

Aroldo Bispo


Trying a different solution. Stay tuned


Hi @ryan

It is already fixed!
Thank you for your great job…

Aroldo Bispo


I am having the same issue. the domain name is c4tech.com.au getting “Status Authorizing Certificate” for 11 days now desperately need help.


Have you opened a Support ticket? If they haven’t resolved it in over 24 hours, post the ticket number here.

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