60 second load time for both the sites on Cloudflare? What am I doing wrong?

I am new to Cloudflare, but when I set up the following sites, they were fine. Now they load super slow or not at all, locally and using pingdom. When I pause them, they work fine again.

www.courtsteno.com and www.firebrickcustommasonry.com

My first visit using Firefox was quick, but some repeat visits took a very long time, like the origin server was blocking or rate limiting Cloudflare. Then some other return visits were super quick.

If you have access to the logs, see if you can watch them while testing.

I should add that the sites are Weebly Designer sites. I generally never have an issue with their servers, but they don’t offer SSL to the Designer (White Label) platform, so many use Cloudflare instead. This is my first shot at doing so.

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