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I can’t get rid of 5XX errors from the google search console. I was able to figure out one potential issue causing this. It looked like a particular cloudflare IP was not whitelisted by the firewall on the server farm - so it would sporadically get blocked causing a fraction of users to get 5XX errors. We also fixed a timeout issue that was caused internally.

However, I am unable to get google search console to validate these fixes. They provide a list of about 800 URLs that it still thinks get 5XX errors. I try to click on them and I don’t see any problems. Is there any way to diagnose this issue to get to the bottom of it?

Maybe you are blocking Googlebot from indexing, or there actually is an 5xx errors comming from your origin/host server?

It may be needed few days to update the results of Google indexing report when it re-crawls again.

definitely not blocking. The URLs look identical to normal working URLs that Googlebot scans all the time. Those specific ones I checked and work well.

I’m not blocking googlebot in any way that I can see (I assume such a block would have generated a lot more errors than 800 URLs, I have about 1.5-2M indexed pages).

URL? Also, errors like Error 1101: Rendering Error can cause 3rd party sources to think a 5xx server error is occurring. Like Error 500: Internal Server Error. Check your logs to see if these are false-positives or actual errors!

this is one example. No errors on my logs relating to these URLs

Issue #1, your server certificate expired three months ago and you have an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare.

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where are you getting this?

Just checked, Cloudflare provides the certificate, not getting any expired certificate…

Yes, the proxy certificate. I was referring to your server certificate.

On Google’s Search Console interface, where you find the Server errors (5xx) report, click on one of the example URLs provided and then on Inspect URL. Finally click on the Test Live URL button. Does it still return a 500?

If so, you can click on the View Tested Page. That will show the response’s HTML, which will provide you with hints about specific errors Googlebot is facing, including whether it is Cloudflare related or not.

If not, you should check your origin setup for possible issues causing intermitent errors.

Now, there are many, many issues that could cause intermitent errors, and 800 errors out of 1.5 million pages is very close to nothing. With that volume of indexed pages, you’ll probably need to get used to the 5xx errors report, and just make sure you regularly requests a fix. Also, Google always takes a lot of time (up to a few weeks) to update this report, so just fixing any issues won’t clear the report immediately, and with that volume of pages, when a set is cleared, chances are there’ll be another set of pages causing some errors.

why would that matter?

Users get the cloudflare certificate.

I fixed it. BTW, couldn’t reproduce the errors with Test Live URL

How would you imagine to establish a valid SSL connection with a broken certificate?

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again, the outdated certificate was between the server and Cloudflare. Users (Google included) never saw a broken certificate.

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