5xx errors are back


I hope some expert or Cloudflare staff is reading this.

We were heavily impacted by 5xx errors in the Cloudflare network which were fixed on 29th September by Cloudflare: Cloudflare Status - Network Performance Issues

After they were fixed, all sites went to normal and no 5xx errors were noticed anymore.
As of today we already see more frequently coming back 502, 520 and 524 on our sites.

Is there a way that those network performance issues can be investigated again? We had no change in any configuration settings or IP or DNS at all. So we assume that the problems which were fixed are back.

Thanks for checking

Hi Tom,

Can you check if it corresponds to your location:

I recommend you to check here:

To understand if it’s being originated from Cloudflare.

Take care!

Thx @AlphaK for taking care.

Yes the occassional 5xx errors we had were related to Cloudflare. We are in different location. Nevertheless the issue resolved since yesterday.

Hope in this regard all will remain stable now.

Have a good day.


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