5XX error from Canadian Edge Systems

For over a week now we have been having “spikes” of 5XX errors from the following Canadian Edge Servers:

on the following Canadian Edge Data Centers:

Winnipeg, Canada (YWG)
Ottawa, Canada (YOW)
Toronto, Canada (YYZ)

Sometimes 50% of the transactions monitored in Analytics are ended in this manor.

I opened at ticked about 5 hours ago with the Support team, but as yet, no response. (yes, i nudged the ticket to try to get around the BOT). Ticket #2337141 - 520 and 525 Status Codes for YWG YOW and YYZ (other CF Datacenters not affected) Why?

Analytics information posted in the ticket.

Any idea why this would be happening?

I’d noticed that myself with mine, primarily, through YYZ off-and-on for about a week. That was a week ago. I’ve not noticed it lately though.

Do you have direct access through a Canadian Edge? The edge centers we are having the most trouble with are:

Ottawa, Canada (YOW) - 230
Winnipeg, Canada (YWG) - 198
Toronto, Canada (YYZ) - 141

status 520 and status 525 error count in the last 30 minutes (according to analytics… roughly 25% of the actual transaction attempts).

Edge Centers in the North America(Except Canada), South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, and Oceana are not having this issue at all.

I’m in near-northern Ontario. As mentioned, I’ve noticed it with my zone through YYZ recently. While I’ve not noticed the 5xx errors for at least a few days, I was seeing them off-and-on for around about a week or so.

Are your Origin Servers based in Canada? Or elsewhere?

I suspect it may have something to do with traversing multiple paths to get from Cloudflare edge to the Origin.

My origin servers are, primarily, in the US. While I do have stuff in Canada, the one I was noticing the 5xx errors with is in the US.

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