5xx Error (Any Back Up Plan Idea?)

Hi there,

This may sound silly but I have been search a lot about the 5xx error on website, and found dead end (which I need to hire a part timer to solve or contact other support regarding the case or error).

If possible, as a website owner, what can I do for a (back up plan) if my website crash someday due to the 5xx error?

For example, a few days ago, my site crash due to 524 error which cause about 2 hours website break down. I can’t access the back end and so does no one can access the front end. Causing I lost a bit amount of potential customers.

Any option for this kind of case?

For what I know, the 524 error case I just (give it some time to solve itself) cause I think its the “server overloaded issues” so at the time, I really did nothing for 2 hours.

Appreciate any helps. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You could try a Load Balancer, but then you’d need a backup server to handle requests.

EDIT: You can also upgrade to a Pro Plan that would let you create a custom error page for 5xx errors. That custom error page could have a special message, and even a link to a backup site.

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