550 5.1.1 Domain does not exist. Disabling Catchall does not work

I have tried disabling catch all and waiting 5 mins and re-enabling. also disabled email routing, deleting dns records and re-creating. Can someone please help!? This is urgent we get this up and running as soon as possible.

550 5.1.1 Domain does not exist.

cryptoinvestigationbureau dot com this is the domain. please help!

the only thing i was able to do to fix this was disable email routing, delete any aliases, create a dumb MX record, and then re-enable email routing letting CF re-create the DNS records… somehow this started working . WTF?

The “550 5.1.1 Domain does not exist” happened to me after I moved the domain to a different Cloudflare account and (without noticing) keeping the old name server (NS) record on the domain in the new account DNS.