530 / Error: 1016 Origin DNS Error

Hi there. I have an issue with workers that proxy the request to AWS route 53

My workers are proxying requests to AWS route 53 using a subdomain in Cloudflare (Defined in DSN with 4 NS links that AWS provided) - let’s call it aws[DOT]domain[DOT]com.

Also, I have another subdomain for the Cloudflare workers, set up with CNAME to the *[DOT]workers [DOT]dev. Let’s call it proxy[DOT]domain[DOT]com.

The two of them work great on their own, but when I try to proxy a request through proxy.domain to aws.domain.com, it returns 530

This issue does not occur when I use the *[DOT].workers[DOT].dev domain.

It was helpful to read the information on Cloudflare, including this page, As far as I could tell, the solutions that were mentioned did not pose any problems with my current setup.

Community Tip - Fixing Error: 530 / Error: 1016 Origin DNS Error.

Additionally, what is the domain?

https://lp.letsenvision.app → AWS
https://beta.letsenvision.app → CW

Returns 404

Goes to a page that I cannot access (because of policies set to the device, and don’t ask how old I am, I’m not going to tell you because of privacy reasons)

that’s fine that should’t effect. i add you a sample end point just in case you need it

https://beta.letsenvision.app/api/v1.1/helloworld → not working, returns 530
https://api-beta.envisionai.workers.dev/api/v1.1/helloworld → working
https://lp.letsenvision.app/helloworld → aws: working

A non-branded 500 error is what I see, not 530 or 1016

Anyway, to fix the 500 error (if the site is on CF)

Because it’s redirecting me to the backup server. Nevermind, i removed the fallback section, so you should see the actual error.

I get this error

I’ve provided troubleshooting details bellow

Error 1101: Rendering error

Common cause

A Cloudflare Worker throws a runtime JavaScript exception.


Provide appropriate issues details to Cloudflare Support.

I created a ticket!
also this is information i get as response in logs part of Cloudflare

    "message": [
        "webSocket": null,
        "url": "https://lp.letsenvision.app/helloworld",
        "redirected": false,
        "ok": false,
        "headers": {},
        "statusText": "",
        "status": 530,
        "bodyUsed": false,
        "body": {
          "locked": false
    "level": "log",
    "timestamp": 1643227525175
    "message": [
      "failed 530 https://lp.letsenvision.app/helloworld"
    "level": "log",
    "timestamp": 1643227525175

What’s the ticket number?


Maybe @cloonan or someone from Cloudflare could help you (and escalate your ticket)!

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