52hrs since changing dns servernames

Hi I changed the names of the servers through the registrar’s website on Monday morning ± 9.00 AM GMT,
So far I don’t see any changes. Nor on Cloudfare’s website not in WHOIS.
Is it maybe better to change to Cloudfare via cPanel ?
Site concerning: www.product2u.nl

Thanks upfront for your support

You have changed the nameserver at your host, not your registrar. You need to do the latter for it to be actually changed.

My contact from the website hosting gave me the address where I could change the DNS see text copy below.
After login I could only change addresses which I did. If I look at specs I see detail screen as on the jpg placed here in Dropbox:

"copy email text:
Voor je DNS wijzigingen kan je inloggen op:
URL: https://www.domeinsysteem.nl/inloggen.html "

That is the wrong place to change the nameservers. Remove that.

You need to change them where you registered the domain, respectively at your registrar. Your nameservers still point to dnssrv. In case of doubt clarify it with your contact.

Shouldn’t I quit here and make changes using the cPanel Cloudfare option to keep it stupid simple?

By the way this screenshot are from registrar as far I’m aware. Why should I otherwise come to this screen ( see drop box link) https://www.dropbox.com/s/mlvx8ej1r8t385w/overview%20registered%20websites.PNG?dl=0

FYI I used “Nameservers wijzigen” which means “change name service”

I am not sure what you mean by that. If you want to use Cloudflare you have to change the nameservers and you have to do this at your registrar.

I’m getting confused as well :upside_down_face:

Info from WHOIS:
SnefIT Hosting
2641RM Pijnacker

Kipstraat 3c5c


Domain nameservers:
These were the servers I saw when i started and changes them into the cloudfare server names

Record maintained by: NL Domain Registry -> this is were I’ve got the login for and where I changed een.dnssrv.nl and others

Precisely. And this is where you need to change it.

Here I used "Nameservers wijzigen (change name servers) and in next screen I entered

That’s it , isn’t it?


Though it seems the nameservers havent been set yet. Either you need to wait a bit, or that was still the wrong place.

lets wait. Thanks for your help

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