526 error with good certificate, no changes


About an hour ago, my site became unavailable with a 526 error. OK, now it’s back, but that’s pretty inconvenient, for our site to be down for almost or just over an hour during the business day (in part of the country).

Why did this happen? Why does Cloudflare suddenly start returning:

Error 526
Invalid SSL certificate
and blame the host for the error?

Site URL: https://higher.digital/

(www redirects there, now using CF page rules because of similar intermittent issues with that between CF and GD. Not part of the issue.)

This is clearly a Cloudflare problem. Nothing changed in our site, certificate settings, or anything else - hasn’t changed in at least 5 months (that’s when the cert was issued according to GoDaddy). And their cert checker tool only dings me for the lack of HSTS (which isn’t news and has not been enabled…now for seemingly obvious reasons.)

Anyone else experience something like this?


My guess, your certificate expired.

Would you feel comfortable to reveal your origin IP address here?

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