526 error invalid certificate

Good time of day. There is a problem with binding the domain name to moved to another hosting site. On the side of the Registrar’s NS servers provided by Cloudflare. In your Cloudflare account prescribed And akvizitor.com points to [Cloudflare Staff Redacted IP]Automatic. It’s been 3 days but the domain name site is not working. What did I do wrong?

Based on the info in the 525 error received when visiting the site, it would appear that your origin server does not have a certificate installed which meets the requirements of the TLS settings in place. If you are using Full (Strict) the SSL certificate must be valid (unexpired) and have a matching host name. It does not.

You should either switch to Full instead of Full (strict) or install a valid certificate on the origin server. You can install a Cloudflare origin certificate if you wish, and if your host supports it. Origin cert information is also included on the SSL/TLS app.

The linked KB article on the error page has the same info.