526 error for my worker

So I created a worker for a redirect notice page, when I tried to access it gave the error
Screenshot 2021-09-02 12.59.22 PM

The link to the worker is https://redirect-notice.william-haskin25.workers.dev/

My SSL/TLS encryption for my domain is set to full

Also, here is a list of my active client certificates
Screenshot 2021-09-02 1.03.58 PM

I have 2 other client certificates that I revoked.

So with that info, does anyone know what I should do?

Then you have a security issue, but you know that, right? :wink:

What could the security issue be?

I did assume you were familiar with that. Apparently not.

Anyhow, the issue is mentioned in the linked article.

facepalms I need to change it to full (strict). I’ll do that now

I changed it, still 526
Screenshot 2021-09-02 2.03.25 PM

Screenshot 2021-09-02 2.03.09 PM

At redirect-notice.william-haskin25.workers.dev?

Yes, aren’t you getting the error too?

I do get a 526 but that seems to come from the origin.

What code do you actually have at that Worker?

You talking about the status code? It’s 301

Screenshot 2021-09-02 2.09.59 PM

This occurs when I press send
Screenshot 2021-09-02 2.10.54 PM

Error communicating with origin body{margin:0;padding:0}

Uh oh...

Error communicating with origin server www.aboutrock.godaddysites.com

    <section></section><!-- spacer -->

    <div class="cf-section cf-wrapper">
      <h2 data-translate="what_happened">Details</h2>
      <p><code style="font-family:monospace">TLS peer's certificate is not trusted; reason = Hostname mismatch</code></p>

    <div class="cf-error-footer cf-wrapper">
        <span class="cf-footer-item"><span data-translate="performance_security_by">Performance &amp; security by</span> <a href="https://www.cloudflare.com" target="_blank">Cloudflare</a></span>
    </div><!-- /.error-footer -->

That’s the full coding (that occurs when I press send)

Not sure what that code is doing, but there are a few things off.

  • What does handleRequest do?
  • Why are you catching an exception, sending its stacktrace in the response, along with a redirect without a location?

You need to check out your code and make sure you know what it is doing first.

So I ■■■■■■ up the coding (and it’s causing the error)?

Send a handleRequest?

Difficul to tell, but I do assume you have an issue somewhere there.

It’s saying all attempts are successful

And what is a handleRequest?

handleRequest is a function and that can’t be sent but only invoked.

So what do I do about it?