525 when routing root to worker

My root domain has a route to a worker. I get a 525 when I make the request to the https://costcokidandthekirklandboys.com

The route is costcokidandthekirklandboys.com/*

From the support articles that I’ve read it looks like I’m supposed to have an A record for @ and point it to some random IP. I set it to as well as proxied it.

I have SSL configured to be “flexible”

The worker appears to be configured correctly and responding to SSL requests just fine at https://epk.costcokid-spark.workers.dev/.

So I suspect that there’s something misconfigured on the DNS layer?

That’s never a good idea. Give Full (Strict) a try. It’ll keep it HTTPS, just like your workers.dev test.

UPDATE: Speaking of .dev domains, those are always supposed to be HTTPS because all of .dev is on the HSTS preload list.

Thanks so much! I updated to strict which helped me see what the issue was. Turns out I had a cached redirect that was forcing me to go to the www subdomain. That subdomain was pointed at a non SSL endpoint.

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