525 SSL handshake with IONOS hosted site


The website was working fine, and then suddenly started getting a 525 SSL handshake failed error. Logged into cloudlfare, had a play around, the error goes away and the website is reachable when I change the SSL/TSL to ‘flexible’, however I would like the site to be running back at FULL (STRICT).

A previous post suggested setting CNAME to proxy but that didn’t work. Disabling Cloudflare the site works fine. Can you advise please? Thanks.

I see you are a good human :slight_smile:

Error 525 means that your host/origin does not offer a valid SSL Cert. Please just click at any highlighted “525” you see in this thread and read how to fix it.

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lol thanks. I dont believe the site ever had an SSL - was just using Cloudflare DNS? I’m not too techie, it was setup by a dev about a year ago who is currently unavailable.

That really should always be implemented before switching to Cloudflare. But it’s never too late. Just disable Cloudflare by putting all DNS entries into the unproxied mode :grey:, then fix the problem and activate it again. Then switch to “Full (Strict)”.

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