525: SSL handshake failed sudden error

these last few days I changed the nameservers of all my blogspot blogs to those of Cloudflare. I also moved my domain names away from GoDaddy to Cloudflare.

But now I get this error on individual blogposts:
demamablogs.com | 525: SSL handshake failed

I had https on my blogspot blogs enabled for a long time.

What am I doing wrong?

Please help.

I’m at www.demamablogs.com and www.hetmoederfront.com

I’m getting redirection loop instead. Are you using Flexible SSL Mode?

Yes, I did that to try and fix the problem. Is that the wroing thing to do?

Flexible mode is insecure and should be avoided at all costs.

Did you see any error logs in server while Error 525 is happening?

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I feel really stupid for asking, but what do you mean with server? My blog is at blogger.com, and I changed nameservers and domain registrar to Cloudflare.

Where do I look for this server?


Just noticed a new incident:


Not sure whether you are affected by this?

Ok, so technically you don’t have a web server for your website.

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I’m getting random 525 errors and after 7 hours of multiple chat sessions with the support I have come up with the conclusion that its caused by cloudflares own local network in India.


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