525 handshake status/error code when server/app is down - serve 503 instead?


We have an intermittent issue with one of our web apps on Azure which is causing it to go down for short periods (we are working to resolve this). When this happens, a 525 status is returned from Cloudflare which I assume is returned because Cloudflare can’t complete an SSL handshake with the origin server because it is down (regardless of whether is has a valid certificate or not). From what I have read, this is happening because we have full encryption enabled but it could be resolved if we downgrade to flexible encryption (which I’d rather not do in the long term).

My question is, is there a way for Cloudflare to return a 503 instead of a 525 if a handshake fails when the origin server is temporally unavailable? The main reason for asking is because of the detrimental effects to SEO that a 525 will cause.


Use a worker to proxy the request to the origin instead and return 503 if it times out.

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