525 errors on site, registration unknown

Hi my nameservers are with cloudfare and I’m getting error 525 no host / ssl issue
Just checked my cloudfare account and although all my web site details are there it says registration unknown not on cloudfare

I have not moved it and the website cant be accessed online

Any help really appreciated

Usually this is because Cloudflare can’t detect your registrar (I assume you are using some non-popular registrar?)
The “Not on Cloudflare” means you did not transfer your domain from your existing registrar to Cloudflare registrar, hence the domain renewal will be done from that registrar.

Hi @service2, I noticed with Support that this is working properly now. Can you share with us what steps you took to get rid of the 525? It will help folks that find this thread later and I am curious as to how you resolved it.

The issue was caused by Ionos, the SSL Certificate for my site did not auto renew and therefore Cloudfare could not connect.
I had to change the name servers from Cludfare back to Ionos, reinstall the SSL and then change the name servers back to Cloudfare.
Ionos will not let you install SSL unless its name servers are on the account.
Hope this helps

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