525 Error with Webflow

I have a site hosted with webflow and wordpress on different subdomains. Both subdomains have to have the orange cloud (proxy for redirects) turned on. I’ve noticed that every 90 days I have to republish everything from webflow and toggle the cloudflare proxy.

I’ve read some other posts and I’m assuming cloudflare is auto renewing the certificate via let’s encrypt every 90 days? How can I configure it to stop doing that and not drop my site every few months.


Cloudflare currently doesn’t use LetsEncrypt itself, and when it does (it will soon allow this in a upcoming feature) it uses the DNS challenge, so CF wouldn’t toggle the proxy off.

This sounds like the “webflow” LetsEncrypt flow is broken. When it turns off the CF proxy to allow the http ACME challenge to succeed, it should then turn the proxy back on when it has reissued its certificate, but it sounds like this doesn’t happen.

Ahh, you’re right. Webflow is the one using Let’s Encrypt. I’ll go poke their forum and see how I can get webflow to work with cloudflare. Thanks so much for the quick and detailed response.

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