525 error with Godaddy

Moving website from one webhost to GoDaddy. Site up and running but getting 525 error from CloudFlare. GoDaddy spent 2 hours investigating and says they can’t do anything it is cloudflare. Share cloudflare’s suggested causes, GoDaddy says not that you need to “pause” cloudflare’s CDN redirects, re-run autoSSL and turn back on. I can’t find how to pause to try this. GoDaddy says they have many cloudflare running just fine. I can’t find a way to contact cloudflare so I may be forced to move DNS hosting to GoDaddy, anyone else had this and have a solution?

The Pause link is in the lower right hand corner of the Overview tab for your domain at dash.cloudflare.com

Note that it takes five minutes for it to take effect.

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