525 Error SSL Handshake can't able

i got problems since yesterday SSL Handshake problem when setting Full and when setting flexible website is not loading proprely !
i followed all steps of support and community even added CA Certs on server but cannot resolve it ?

Yes bro

i have set ssl to full it was working since two months and now its says ssl handshake failed actually why ???
installed CA certification on origin not resolved ?

Would you feel comfortable sharing your server IP address here?

check this bro !

That is not your server IP address. Also, the site actually loads.

could work because of caching !!
try browsing different posts then you will get 525 ssl handshake error

It is slow but it all loads.

i use shared hosting !

Again, you should post the IP address of your server.

Alright, you can remove the address now again.

The server certificate is in place and you shouldnt get a 525 in this case. I dont get such an error either. It also works at sitemeer.com/#https://bcanepaltu.com

Hmm, bcanepaltu.com is only partially available
what does it mean ?

Thats the JavaScript challenge you have before loading the page.

Can you post a screenshot of the eror you are getting when loading the site?

site may be woking on somepages due to cache but exactly error is seen to the page which is not cached and ofcourse admin panel is not cached and when i try to open dashboard it is showing this and also to noncached ! pages

Ray ID: 546158cccc59a755 • 2019-12-16 14:28:59 UTC

Cloudflare Ray ID: 546158cccc59a755

It has nothing to do with caching. The most likely explanation in this case is that your host might restrict certain Cloudflare datacentres.

You should first clarify with your host that no such restrictions are in place and then you could open a support ticket with Cloudflare to check why that particular connection did not work.

okay will contact soon

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