525 error on proxied site

Hi there, I’ve reviewed a number of posts about 525, but I don’t think I’m seeing an answer that covers this particular issue. I have my marketing site running properly as a proxied site through Cloudflare. When I go to the root url or the www subdomain using HTTPS, everything is hunky-dory. I recently spun up a new server on DigitalOcean that is serving a separate application. I made this application available at the riley subdomain. Again, this domain is proxied through Cloudflare for SSL simplicity. However, when I go to riley using HTTPS, I get the 525 error. Any thoughts on how to resolve this?

What does this mean?

Hi there,

See setup below.

Well, you need to fix your server.

Pause Cloudflare (Overview screen bottom right), talk to your host to fix the server, and once the site loads fine on HTTPS you can unpause Cloudflare.

Thanks for responding. What about the server needs to be fixed? My understanding was that, since traffic is proxied, there’s nothing that needs to be done on the server. Other domains using Cloudflare have worked without any additional work on the server. What am I missing?

Your server needs to be properly configured for SSL.

Again, pause Cloudflare and follow what I mentioned before.

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