525 Error on GoogleSite naked domain redirect

I am experiencing the same exact issue discussed in this closed topic: Google Sites with a subdomain: SSL handshake failed or ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

The listed solution is to “be patient” but doesn’t clarify which SSL mode (Full/Flexible) to be patient with.

I’ve left the SSL mode as FULL overnight, but it still returns a 525 handshake failed error.

I am pointing the A records to Google’s ip addresses hosting my Google Site, so I don’t have server access to establish SSL cert rules.

Any advice or clarification on the closed topic I referenced is appreciated.

You don’t need to establish any rules but you do need to make sure the server is properly configured to serve your site on a valid certificate. With a 525 that won’t be the case and is the first thing you need to address with your host as you need a proper certificate on your server in the first place.

So the ssl works with www subdomain, just not with the naked.

And I can’t seem to find any configuration setting for ssl on GoogleSites or the Google Workspace Admin Dashboard.

Any ideas where to go from here?

I appreciate your response :slight_smile:

Ideally you’d make sure you have a valid certificate for the naked domain as well, but if that does not work for any reason the next best approach would be to redirect to “www”.

Just make sure your encryption mode is “Full strict”.

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Thanks @sandro !

I went ahead and set up the page rule for the redirect.

That should work for now.

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