525 error. Now my website is inactive



I just purchased an ssl certificate from cloud flare. Now I am receiving a 525 error, and I’m not able to access my website. Can you advise how to get around this?


Now thats a proper screenshot :wink:

It would seem TLS is not properly configured on your server. Have you tried loading your website directly, bypassing Cloudflare?


If you are getting a 525 it is likely an SSL handshake error.

Common causes
The most common causes include:

  • The origin web server does not have a certificate installed.
  • The origin web server is not listening on port 443 (or other custom secure port).
  • The origin web server does not support or is not configured properly for SNI.
  • The cipher suites that Cloudflare accepts and the cipher suites that the origin server supports do not match.
  • However, there could be other intermittent conditions that can cause Error 525.

Troubleshoot intermittent 525 errors
If you’re only seeing errors intermittently, review the server error logs to determine the cause. Apache must be configured to log mod_ssl errors. nginx includes these errors in its standard error log, but it may be necessary to increase the log level.

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