525 Error new today

Hi All,

Today we awoke to a 525 error when trying to access our website. After reading the support notes on cloudflare, we contacted our Host IONOS. They took a look and believe the error to be with the SSL currently managed by CloudFlare.

Is anyone else having this error?
Got any work around’s until someone owns up to a mistake?
Disabled Proxy for the A and WWW record returns a too many redirects error, how do we bypass CloudFlare?


Did you install any certificate generated by Cloudflare in the host before?


Its only the Wordpress shared service from the host. So don’t have permissions to install SSL.

I have paused cloudflare on the site now, to try and bypass cloudflare to see if we get any other error, such as host issue.

Wow. But do they provide SSL certificate from their own?

Yes I believe so.

I assuming your point here, is we would need an SSL on the server side, even if using CloudFlare to have “full” SSL option to work?

Which was working…

In fact, I am pretty sure we would have used Let’s Encrypt for the domain. Before we starting using CloudFlare.

Was able to resolve the issue by applying an SSL on the host directly.

Using the Pause option to bypass CloudFlare clearly highlight the issue to be host side. Which I suspected in the first case.

I will contact them again and find why an SSL expired on the host, as looking at the “FULL” details, it says the server will use self assigned.

thanks for the input

It should be Full (strict) for security reasons.

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