525 Error (Handshake failed)

My website has been down for a couple of weeks. I moved the host from Ionos to Cloudflare, and it hasn’t worked since. I guess I should have looked into it more before taking a friends advice. Anyway, I have fixed some of the issues I had, but now I have this:

Error 525

Ray ID: 6fa26081ad687511 • 2022-04-11 08:33:22 UTC

SSL handshake failed

Hi there,

Our registrar has cleared the DS records for you, and now your domain passes the DNSSEC test at djalkemy.co.uk | DNSViz

I’ll mark this ticket as Solved for the DNSSEC issue.

Moving on to the 525 error you were seeing, I see no SSL certificate on the server:

This is not uncommon, so feel free to continue the discussion in the Community if you need more assistance with the [525 ]

Any help is greatly appreciated, cheers.

Sorry to be a pain everyone, but can anyone get me over this last hurdle? I’m trying to stave off having to go back to Ionos, as it’s just more hassle again.

Ah well, I guess I’m gonna have to go back to Ionos. My Cloudflare experience has been an absolute nightmare LOL.

One of the first things in Community Tip - Fixing Error 525: SSL handshake failed is Make sure you have a valid SSL certificate installed on your origin server.

Having checked the domain in your post, it doesn’t have one. Have you already tried adding a certificate?

It’s because I’m moving everything back to Ionos. It has a much better level of support than Cloudflare. Thanks anyway. How do I close this thread down?

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