524 from specific locations and working fine on others

Why there is an daily issue of 524 error happening with Cloudflare from specific locations and working fine in other locations, it did happen yesterday and happening today as well and when i check status page, it starts saying re-routed, my client is using paid plan for Cloudflare and it’s really important that their site is always up as it’s healthcare website, we may lose customers due to this.

Have you checked this out?

Sounds odd that it depends on location. Are the Cloudflare IPs whitelisted on the server?

it’s been working fine since year and half, and any other location just works totally fine … no timeout error on server side. Site is hosted on AWS and i bypassed Cloudflare by clicking on proxy button making it gray and site was up for client again.

Is it always the same location that has the issue?

As of today and yesterday its same location, in past i did happen with other locations as well but that was months ago and upon checking status page of Cloudflare
it was saying all operational and after sometime status page of Cloudflare was changed to re-routed for not working locations.

Have you whitelisted all the Cloudflare IPs on the server?

Yes as said it’s been a year and half it’s was working fine in all locations.

Maybe someone else has an idea, but currently with the information, I can only suggest you open a support ticket with some of the RayIDs of the connections that timed out.

I still suspect it could be something on the server, but support should be able to track it down.

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