524 Errors

I get errors 524 on my cron jobs.
My website is hosted by Infomaniak.
I adjusted the time limit to 300s (maximum) but I still get errors.
How can I do to make crons works?

Thank you.

Running scheduled jobs via HTTP generally is not a good idea and you should try to run all of this locally.

As for the error in question, this is returned when your server took longer than 100 seconds to respond. Apart from upgrading to an Enterprise plan, you can only try to simply make these responses faster or connect to an unproxied DNS entry (or the IP address) in order not to use the proxies.

Thanks Sandro for you answer.
I’m not very experieced.
How can I run this locally or get an unproxied DNS entry?


You can change the DNS entry to :grey: or you simply use the IP address, whatever you prefer.

But ideally you really do not use HTTP for that in the first place.

Ok, so I shall create a new DSN entry not proxied for each cron?
For exemple:

[type or paste code here](https://www.mydomain.com/module/pm_advancedsearch4/cron?secure_key=xxxxxx&id_search=1)

the entry should be:


Sorry I am a beginner!


You can either create a new DNS entry or unproxy an existing one. How you approach this is up to you, you can also use the address instead.

But again, don’t run scheduled jobs via HTTP.

I don’t know how to do…
Any advise or tutorial?

I would reach out to your web developer or ask for advice at StackExchange or Reddit.

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