524 error / Timeout

I do. What does it’s used for?

There is a shell script, which could automatically install and update Let’s Encrypt certificate, when it’s expired.

You might want to try, read more at:

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I installed Let’s encrypt certificate and it works. I’m not planning to return to Cloudflare SSL :smile:

It expires in 90 days. You’ll need to update it before that.
You can check when it expires in your browser, just click on paddle lock icon next to your domain name in address bar and select certificate, to review it’s information.

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Thanks. Is your advice to keep pointing DNS via Cloudflare for my site, or to return it to default on server?

As you wish. If your hosting provider allows you to use any number of domains your require for free, then you don’t need CF.

I don’t use shared hosting, thus I need some DNS provider. CF is ok.
Unfortunately, recently I’ve started to have a lot of errors 524 with CF proxy, so also have to disable it, but I still need DNS.

I have a shared hosting package of 3 websites, but I plan to upgrade to a better plan for more websites.

@sonja, two questions

  1. What was your motivation to use Cloudflare?
  2. Do you still want to use it or have you decided against it?

For free certificate + better page speed and security (for these last two I got some advice some time ago, I don’t know how correct it is though).

Cloudflare wont do that. You still need a certificate on your server.

That is partially correct. Cloudflare’s distributed network will cache a lot of your resources, hence they will never hit your server and that should be faster in theory.

You didnt answer the second question :wink:

I like CF DNS because it’s simple to use, if you have a domain, you can create any subdomains for it and point them to different IP, for different hostings or other VM/PC. All in one dashboard. It just convenient.

CF on free plan does not provide better speed. In average, it cache some pages. Before disabling proxy, it said that I have ~10% cached, so it’s nothing. Maybe paid plans are better, I did not try.

I’ll think about it, maybe to test if my site is slower on not with Cloudflare

It is very unlikely that it will be slower. That can only happen in a few cases. In most cases it will be faster, but a lot depends on your site’s structure.

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Additionally to what @adeko already suggested you can also check out Cloudflare’s Origin certificates. They are free as well, easier to maintain, and come with longer validitity periods. The downside is they are only valid in a proxied context and not trusted by browsers (only by the proxies).

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