524 error solved with circumventing Cloudflare

I’m getting a 524 error on a very basic setup. I’ve never had problems in the past. I only get it on back-end URLs, and I can get around it by entering the IP in my hosts file. I’ve tried the “How to fix Error 524” but all of those solutions are related to the host server. My problem seems to be with Cloudflare itself.

Thank you in advance for any recommendations/ideas.

Hi @phil20, Cloudflare won’t generate a 524, I think unless you’re running Railgun and your host made changes without telling you. But. the 524 is a timeout issue with something on your origin. Do you have a firewall or rate limiting on the origin?

No sir. No railgun and a very simple hosting setup for a small WP website. I’m pretty much using CF for the SSL cert only.

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