524 Error Page when I update

I keep seeing this page every time I try to save in bulk. IE: add a new category to 5 pages at the same time. Looking at the Cloudflare description of this error, I decided to talk to my host to check the server. But they said it’s a Cloudflare issue.

And that I need to find out what error Cloudflare is getting from the server.

I also know that the 524 error shows up if it takes more than 100 seconds (though in my case it’s about 20). My host says that it could be that my site takes longer to update after I make changes en-masse. But I do need to be able to make changes without getting this error stopping me every time.

So how do I resolve this? Thanks!

Nevermind, I resolved it! There was a plugin issue.

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Thanks for updating that it has been resolved!

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Wait Ryan!

Hi, I would like to interject. I was getting this error also.

To test a theory (because I wasn’t getting this error before going to https when checking with linkchecker when I was http), My recent cf past history will show that I removed my site from Cloudflare’s https and went back to http for about 2 or more weeks.

No more was I getting the Error: 524 Origin Time-out

What I noticed in going back to https using Cloudflare is that the errors have returned.

Cloudflare is my domain name server by the way.

I read the docs of course available on Cloudflare (that point us back to fixing our server’s setup files but I don’t think that might be it).

Ryan, what plugin did you change?

I forgot to mention, I think the remedy for me was changing all the website’s files to www.x.com instead of what it was (x.com)