524 error - only on admin panel


I am suddenly getting an 524 error, when i try to log into my admin panel. I have not updated nor changed anything recently.

When i try to login it loads for like 5-10 minuts and then gives me the 524 error.

The website runs smooth, but only the wp-admin panel i cant get into.

How do i fix this?

A 524 would occur after 100 seconds of no response from your server - have you checked your server’s access/error logs for those requests?

You could also check if Cloudflare is blocking any communication in the firewall event log (https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/security) but it’s unlikely.

Hi Kian,

Yea, there are nothing from the server side.

I setup a firewall for the site, for other countries a few months ago and it has been running smoothly, but suddenly yesterday, it blocked me? How is that possible?

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