524 Error on wordpress site


all of a sudden I am getting 524 errors on my website every time I try add a product etc. I’ve never had this problem before and since I brought a developer on board it’s started happening as hes been adding plugins etc to the wordpress site.

My question is - Is this a problem with my host/memory where i need to upgrade my plan or is this something that the developer may have added causing this? or is it something completely different?

Please dum your answers down as I am a beginner!

A 524 is a Timeout.

If you’re only seeing this when you add a product, it means it’s taking longer than 100 seconds for that process to complete. Cloudflare stops waiting at the 100 second mark and gives the 524 error.

That would be due to a slow server, or you’re just asking it to do too much.

What hosting plan are you using?


Thank you for getting back to me!

I use go daddy and had been on the Deluxe plan but have just upgraded to a business plan to see if that helps. I would get you the details of the deluxe plan but their website is giving me conflicting information.

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