524 Error on .it domain

Hi, from few days my .it domain (on cloudflare nameserver) is down (522 -524 error)

afflicted domain name: kiarartigianato.it ; istsanmichele.it (Paris Server)

In the same server (same ip and through cloudflare) fasterblog.org is not afflicted by that problem.

Server status is UP and process load in ok.

Ps. sorry for my bad english

I highly doubt there is some process going on at your server which is running very long and therefore makes the site inaccessable.

This actually is not seldom at WordPress. (I assume you are using WordPress?)

As you see here: CloudFlare is working but your origin Server (for Domain “kiarartigianato.it”) is timing out:

Are you using PHP FPM or FastCGI? And how many processes/threads are applied to this domain?
What are the processes running in the Background?
Seems like they are PHP processes which are not running in the Background and actually should run in the background or as shell script, as they then would not block PHP.

Hi! tnx 4 your reaply…

i use wordpress in all 3 site on the server (kiarartigianato.it; istsanmichele.it; fasterblog.org) (Same cpanel)

Schermata 2020-12-09 alle 13.28.19

there are no process load when i try to enter.

the problem has existed for a week. If I disable the cloudflare proxy from the dns panel the site comes back online (with obvious problem of the ssl certificate)

now i deactivate proxy… u can see that site is online

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