524 Error not related to host

I suddenly started getting a 524 error on two subdomains on WordPress Multisite hosted at WPengine. WPengine said it’s not their server and the problem is with CloudFlare. I changed the DNS to send traffic directly to WPengine and the sites were working. I changed back to CloudFlare and I got the 524 error again, so I changed back to WPengine.

I don’t know what to do to use CloudFlare.

Regarding 524 error, here are some suggestions and tips to check:


Are those sub-domains both being :orange: cloud at Cloudflare Dashboard?

Moreover, do they both have an SSL certificate installed?

Maybe you would need to have :grey: cloud for those DNS records (I assume you are using a CNAME record type?)

WPengine said they looked at the suggestions and nothing applies. I tried changing to grey cloud but that did not help. I have 3 subsites on Multisite all using the same theme and all on CloudFlare for a long time without issues. Suddenly while I was adding to a post, one of them stopped working. I then notice that another also stopped working but only the two were not working. The third is still working with CloudFlare.

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