524 error and Connection Lost Error


Facing an error on a live website --> “Connection lost. Saving has been disabled until you’re reconnected. We’re backing up this post in your browser, just in case." and I/O usage and physical memory are getting maxed out. Unable to edit a few portfolio items in wp bakery options inbuilt with the theme. Also, receiving a 524 error while trying to edit the projects.

Need a quick fix to this problem, can someone help?

Nupur A

That sure sounds like a server problem. Cloudflare can’t fix that. It just reports the 524 because your server isn’t able to process the request in a short enough amount of time.

As for a quick fix for the 524, my approach is to add the server’s actual IP address to my local hosts file so I bypass Cloudflare and its timeout limitations.

Hello, thank you for the quick response, would that mean deactivating cloudflare from the server and check on the problem?

If it only affects administration of the site, you don’t need to pause Cloudflare. Some admin tasks just take a long time.

As it looks like a server issue, using the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the Overview tab to go direct to your site is a good ideal while you trouble shoot the underlying problem(s).

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Tried pausing it from cloudflare and had a word with Godaddy, they are denying that it’s a server problem. Had a word with theme developers too, they said it’s supposed to be a server problem only, how to resolve this issue?

Leave it Paused. That leaves Cloudflare out of the loop.

Okay but since the website is live, it affects the website too, I can’t keep it paused for a longer period. Can try doing the same.

I mean removing the cloudflare would affect the website too.*

A site should still function with Cloudflare paused from the Overview tab.

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Okay will check on that, but the Godaddy team is not accepting the face that it is a hosting or a server error. Asking me to check with theme or content, but everything is already checked, I thought it could be a cloudflare error. All are blaming each other for the error without giving me the right solution.

Also will just pausing the cloudflare work or do I also have the name servers as the hosting team in Godaddy as the hosting team would ask me to do the same again?

Pausing Cloudflare should be enough. That will return it to your direct IP address, which GoDaddy should recognize.

On pausing cloudflare, the images aren’t visible. Kindly check the attachment.

. How to resolve this?

The site has a self-signed certificate, so images won’t load unless you tell your browser to trust that certificate.

After I trust that certificate, the only problem I have is a 404 for:

I guess you’ll have to un-pause Cloudflare for now.

What told you about: I/O usage and physical memory are getting maxed out?

Yes that’s the problem, okay will do that. My developer informed me about the server getting maxed out whenever we are trying to edit the portfolio section and we are getting the 524 error.

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So now how can I proceed ahead on the same?

It’s really a server problem, and that should be clear to the host. If GoDaddy continues to deny the maxed out server, find a better hosting company.

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