524 Error After DNS Only Set

So my site has been working fine with cloudflare for years. I’m using wp stagecoach to make a staging site of my website. This was working perfectly fine about 2 weeks ago. Now cloudflare keeps timing out after 100 seconds and giving me the 5.2.4 Error. So I followed the tutorials here saying grey out the cloud for the domain and there will be no more cloudflare timeout well the problem is, its still timing out. I honestly do not know what to do I need to create this staging site but cloudflare is stopping me at 95% completion because of its timeout that should be disabled now.

If you unproxy you cannot experience 524s as requests won’t be going through Cloudflare. Only thing, you might be still going through the proxies because of DNS propagation. You’d just need to wait in that case.

As for the 524 itself, you need to make sure your server responds within 100 seconds. More at Community Tip - Fixing Error 524: A timeout occurred.

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Unfortunately creating a whole staging site takes longer then a 100 seconds. The script is fairly well made by wpstagecoach but once it reaches the 90% mark on creating a tar file of the system it slows down drastically and by the time it has reached 95% it times out. The script continually refreshes the page to avoid timeout but I’m not sure whats happening here because my server shows no resources being exhasuted. My log files show no error since it’s not my system. I don’t understand what changed with cloudflare in the last 2 weeks but I literally created one with the same site setup 2 weeks ago.

Then you need to make sure to keep these records unproxied. A request on Cloudflare cannot take longer than 100 seconds.

Yes I’m pretty aware of that unless you want to pay some undesignated amount of money to increase your timeout limit to 600 seconds max.

That would be an Enterprise plan and yes, there you can customise that.

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