524 & 522 Error

Website: is outerdefi .com

I am not a developer or someone experienced in computers so the Cloudflare community tip page didn’t help at all. I poured through all these forums and I have tried many options:

  1. Turning off proxy
  2. Turning off and then enabling Cloudflare again (I had the 524 error message before and this helped every time, but it isn’t working this time).
  3. Turning off and on development mode.
  4. Turned off always use https setting.

I am having an issue with this website in that I keep getting either a 524 error or a 522 error (but mostly a 524 error).

Note: I am using the free plan.

If you can explain in non-techy language what I should do next that would be great!


In that case, I’d recommend talking to your server provider / developer about this. 524 means a process on your server took more than 100 seconds to complete and 522 means Cloudfare couldn’t connect to your server. Both of these require troubleshooring on your origin server.

Okay so something just happened like two minutes ago and it wasn’t working the past couple of days, but now the website loads.

The problem now is that I can’t access the WordPress admin page, but I can access the website itself. I get the site can’t be reached error message.


Now I can access WP Admin page for some reason. I don’t know what happened or what I did, but it just started working.

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