523 Error with 301 redirect

I have a domain (nicolegosney.com) that redirects to a specific page on another domain (youngandwhollyliving.com). My client is getting 523 errors. I would contact the host server, however the error is intermittent not reproduceable for everyone.

I do not get the error. A few days ago my client got it on her computer and her phone. Now she only gets the error on her phone. She asked several of her friends to also check and about 50% got the error.

All the help articles point to incorrect DNS settings but the setup was working previously and I have made no changes to the DNS records. I am unsure where the issues is since the domain is forwarded.

I found someone with a similar setup in the help forum here but it turned out his issue was a typo. I do not have a typo and the redirect is working correctly.

Any ideas on how to track this down? I have not had any issues with the target domain of the redirect being down or unreachable.

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