522 Unknown Error



522 Unknown Error

please check my website



It’s working for me at the moment.

522 indicates that CloudFlare is not able to reach your origin server. This could happen due to

  • webserver offline (frequent restarts, crashed f.e.)
  • Firewall rules blocking access to your server (I don’t thinks it’s the case here because it seems to be sporadic)
  • an overwhelmed webserver
  • routing issues
  • Missing keep-alives in your HTTP headers

If you encounter this error again, check if:

  • your page is accessible directly via it’s IP address (you may see an SSL error which is ok, just continue)
  • a traceroute from your server to your CloudFlare IP shows any issues. If there are any, open a ticket. You need shell access to your server!
  • Check your server configuration or ask your hosting provider to do so


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