522 Timed out when connecting via url | it connects fine with ip:8080 but wont connect via the url

im hosting my website with wamp and im using cloudflare but when i connect via the url it times out but if i connect with ip:8080 it will work fine does anyone know what i may have misconfiged sorry for bad english/grammar

someone please help port 80 and 443 block on my router but it say other port work but is not connection https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200169156-Which-ports-will-Cloudflare-work-with-

Does your site load when the cloud is Grey? :grey:

connection timed out when it is grey
" Try:


http://humanium.ml:81/ if i use different ports with grey cloud it will work but that sonly if i go onto my router make internal port 80 and external 81 do you know anyway at all i can fix this

Cloudflare does not support port 81. You have to publish port 80 to external.

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when i do this it times out

A WhoIs search seems to show you have 3 IP addresses assigned to your root (well 1 on root and 2 on www.) is that correct?
Which doesn’t work?
The root or the www. ones?

I also notice it is a Freenom registry domain, there are known issues with Freenom tlds operating on CloudFlare, I do not know if that may or may not be an issue here.

the root and www have the same ip aka my external ip

ive tried this but i didnt understand it

What don’t you understand?

i dont think anything is blocking because it works if i do grey cloud with a different external port but i dont like thta because it isnt proxied and you have to enter url:port 80 and 443 just wont work (i think)