522 Errors

Hello all,

I’m having issues accessing a website I host - https://integratedbodywork.ca.

The host (CanSpace) says things are working properly on their end.

However, I get a Cloudflare message with a 522 error on SOME browsers.

I can access the site via FireFox on my laptop, but not using Edge or Chrome. Browser caches have been cleared before attempting to access the site.

I can’t access the site via my smartphone, using the data settings.

My client also can’t access the site.

Site testing tools GT Metrix and Pingdom don’t have any trouble accessing the site.

I’m at a real loss as to what is going on and would appreciate any guidance from the Cloudflare Community. Thank you all :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

Your host may have to dig deeper into finding out why these 522 errors are happening. Cloudflare Support may also be able to take a more specific look at the connections that are timing out:

Thanks for the ideas. The perplexing thing is that GT Metrix and Pingdom can access the site with no issues. I also checked out a service that shows what a site looks like at different screen resolutions and that service also pulled up the site. That suggests it’s not a problem with the server.

I checked with the host and the tech support rep seems to think the problem’s with Cloudflare. I found a Cloudflare support portal somewhere this afternoon and sent a message but got an automated response I don’t really understand.

I guess I’ll have to try and find that support portal again. Never a dull moment.

To get a human response, reply to that opened ticket message and ask for more help. The article I linked to suggests information you should add to your ticket, such as the Ray ID of a failed request.

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