522 errors on OVH Bare Metal Server

We don’t have the firewall turned on at OVH. I talked to them, and they say the problem isn’t causes by them. We didn’t have anything on the web server enabled to block an IPs (fail2ba, etc) and had no software firewall enabled on the server.

We saw an increase in 522 errors yesterday in requests routed through Los Angeles, San Jose, and a couple other regions. They were intermittent, but enough to make our website almost unusable in those regions

Cloudflare, if this issue is on your side, please fix. I see others recently complaining about 522 errors who are also using OVH.

Had to turn off Cloudflare for now as we were losing money from the intermittent 522 errors in Los Angeles/San Jose. Turned Cloudflare back on many hours later, still same problem.

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