522 errors on certain files

Hi, I have some users on our web site that are receiving 522 errors on certain files within one web page.

All of the other pages and files work fine. This happens on Chrome and IE.

The files are all accessible for me in multiple locations?

This happened yesterday, I asked to user to try again today but they are having the same issue.

Here are the Chrome error logs:

importedfoodtraining.food.gov.uk/:20 GET https://importedfoodtraining.food.gov.uk/captivate/module9/libraries/raphael.js net::ERR_ABORTED 522
player.min.js:3 Player version: 5.3.3
player.min.js:17 GET https://importedfoodtraining.food.gov.uk/captivate/module9/course/config.json 522
player.min.js:17 Uncaught
1. *t {* *message* *:* *"ajax error 522"* *,* *xhr* *: XMLHttpRequest,* *request* *: {…},* *status* *:* *522* *,* *responseType* *:* *"json"* *, …}*
importedfoodtraining.food.gov.uk/:1 GET https://importedfoodtraining.food.gov.uk/captivate/module9/player/css/assets/loader.gif 522

And here is a screen shot of the error when trying to access one of the files directly in a browser:


Is there anything I can do?



It could be rate limiting by your host. With Cloudflare, all your visitors are now channeled through Cloudflare’s regional IP addresses.

Hi, I am not sure this is to do with IP blocking or rate limiting? I have made an exact copy of the file and this seems to work OK:

Whereas the live one doesn’t?

It seems to indicate something is being cached for certain users maybe?

BTW both links are perfectly accessible for me with no errors.

Just an update, when Cloudflare is switched off the error goes away. When turned back on again the 522 error returns?

This seems to have fixed itself.

To me this indicates that the web server had an error at some point and this was cached on some of the CloudFlare servers, but not others, and took quite a while to “re index” those files and / or wait for propagation of the error free file transmission over the internet.

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