522 errors in the last 12 hours

We’ve seen a spike in 522 errors over the past 12 hours on all domains/websites tied to our Cloudflare account. We’ve spoken to the hosting provider in the past, who has assured us that Cloudflare IPs are whitelisted and not rate-limited. In the last 12 hours we’ve received reports of front-end Cloudflare 522 screens independently from our website users, and we’ve experienced 522 errors ourselves on the backend on up to 50 requests per webpage - all 522 errors. We tested using redbot.org and it appears the paid Workers plan we use is only edge caching intermittently in the last 12 hours. Previously it’s been nearly 100% nearly all of the time. We’ve never seen these errors before. There have been no changes made to our sites in the last 72 hours and we’re not aware of any external variables. Please could you advise? Thanks.