522 Errors in Midwest USA Only - Chicago, New York, Minneapolis


I have been getting 522 Connection Timed Out errors since yesterday. At first I couldn’t figure out why I could not view my website or log in to my Wordpress dashboard yet I continued to receive live customer orders and my host A2 technical support showed me a screenshot showing that everything was normal with no errors.

On the website speed test site Dot Com Tools all of the locations tested are fine except for New York and Minneapolis which both show 522 errors.

When I use a VPN for a location such as California I am able to view my site again, but when I view from NY I get the error again.

My webhost says everything is fine on their end and blames the issue on Cloudflare and urged me to disable. Sure enough when I pause Cloudflare the errors disappear.

Has anyone had a similar issue? Help would be appreciated.

I’m curious as to what screenshot your host showed you to prove it’s fine at their end. I’m betting that their firewall is blocking or rate limiting Cloudflare IPs in that region. If the 522 error is the Cloudflare timeout screen, I’m 99% the problem is at A2.

Naturally, if you pause Cloudflare, visitors will no longer be using Cloudflare IP addresses, and will be more distributed so their firewall rate limit won’t notice distributed IP addresses.

It would be nice if they whitelisted Cloudflare’s IP addresses.

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