522 Errors Getting Worse

522 errors server outages I have reported before are getting much worse. Non-stop since this afternoon. Something I haven’t seen before is same thing now happening with web host today who also uses CF. Via WHM, I checked DNS for the domains. NS is given as ns1.cprapid.com and ns2.cprapid.com (and SOA with Mname: ns1.cprapid.com). Shouldn’t NS be erin.ns.cloudflare.com and lee.ns.cloudflare.com. That is how I set it for each domain when I added each to CF. How and why did they change? Related?

ns are changed at your domain registrar, they can tell you that answer

What is the name of the domain in question? If you can share you’lll get a lot of community eyes to help out, for me the zone (I think) you are talking about loads fine. I did notice your dns A record is set to :grey:, click to turn :orange:.

Sometimes if a domain expires the ns revert back to the default from your registrar, but knowing the domain will help to know that as well. Aside from that, click → 522 and follow the #CommunityTip quick fix ideas.

I’ve seen the same also regarding a spike in 522 errors since 5pm 12/12 GMT. See: 522 errors in the last 12 hours

Also, I wonder if this might have something to do with it - https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/ (Cache reserve read errors).

Sorry, a little flustered here with the chaos. GoDaddy and CF. As expected, DNS correct in each domain. I did set each DNS A record to proxied for each domain. I did try all the quick fixes, but leading no where. This has been an issue for many, many months. Won’t go away. cPanal and web host can’t figure it out.

Interesting, but cannot say one way or the other. This has been going on for around 6 months, but today was by far the worst day which also involved web host. Upstream provider?

I’m using 20i for hosting. I’m seeing endless 522 errors on the backend when viewing the browser console - but it’s intermittent. It will be OK for a couple of minutes and then not ok for the next ten.

Yep, it is a brain teaser that can dive you nuts. For me, it has months. Not as bad as this. Before once every few days for past nearly 6 months. I have a bash setup to check one domain every 5 minutes, and restart web server if page checked does not come up as 200. Not a fix, but keeps the doors open until I address this issue. How long have you experienced this issue? Seems to always start with one domain before bringing the others down. Been reworking it, but to no avail.

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