522 errors found


i runned a website under Cloudflare until that day. But today i was obliged to disable Cloudflare because there was lots of 522 errors. And now it runs easily and fastly.

I asked my initial host provider but they told me:
The error 522 is related to the cache of the website.
I note that Cloudflare has reported a recent general incident:

So do you think we can verify if the 522 errors found are due to this incident ?

The linked issue was from three days ago, so I doubt this is related. The most likely explanation is there was either some problem on your server or a connectivity issue between Cloudflare and your server.

You can open a support ticket and enquire why the connection 49a7b63f3959a8c9 failed, they might be able to say more regarding that.

You appear to have removed your domain altogether from Cloudflare. Just for the future, you could have simply paused the site, in which case it would have still gone straight to your server but you wouldnt have lost the entire configuration.

It’s almost only paused :slight_smile:

Thank you ! i’m going to support ticket

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